Decatur Street Blend
Flavor Acidity Body
Flavor 4.0 Acidity 1.5 Body 4.0
Roaster's Comments: More than any other coffee we offer, this is my coffee. It is a blend developed at a time when my appreciation of acidity in espresso was much less than it is today. I wanted a heavy, full, smooth espresso that wouldn't carve a path down my tongue or tear open the roof of my mouth. DSB is the result. When brewed as an espresso, DSB is heavy, smooth, with just enough acidity to make its presence known. From time to time, others have discerned various flavor details that I can not or do not; allusions to spices beyond my experience. For me, it is a solid, satisfying espesso. I have often used the phrase "black velvet" to describe it.
The surprising aspect of DSB is just how well it tastes when brewed by methods other than espresso. During blend development, it was never tested by any other method, and yet DSB shines as an excellent coffee when brewed drip, press, or vac. Once again, "black velvet" comes to mind. DSB has become our "utility" coffee, suitable for almost any occasion, and when brewed double strength, it makes an excellent base for iced and blended coffee drinks.


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