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Riley's Photo Album

Welcome to Riley's Coffee Photo Album.

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General Images 2000 SCAA Convention
Image Description Image Description

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The NEW Store
Riley's Coffee & Fudge "The NEW Store".
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Barry & Brian
Barry and Professor Brian Gomes da Costa, an espresso connoiseur from London, UK.

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Store Folk
Front Row: Bryan Rickert (Asst. Mgr.), Bill Day (Asst. Mgr.)
Middle Row: Heidi Holland, June Jarrett (Mgr.), Barry Jarrett (Gen. Mgr.)
The Tall Guy: Aaron Holland (aka 'yemenmocha')

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Scott & Rio
Scott and Rio, from David Rio Tea Co., suppliers of our chai.

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Workin' in The Store
Barry and June Jarrett, workin' in "The Store".
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The Milners
Our Jamaican Blue Mountain source, Mr. Frank Milner (left) and his wife (right) of Jamaica Coffee Traders, with a Jamaican coffee grower (center), the owner of Baronhall Estates.

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The Coffee Hauler
Neither rain, nor sleet.......will keep the Coffee Hauler from it's appointed rounds.
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Yemen Mocha Coffee Trade Ltd.
Emad Gharaibeh (center) and his associates at Yemen Mocha Coffee Trade Ltd., our source for fine Yemen coffees.

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Just Friends
Tim Nemec from "Over the Coffee", Juan Valdez, and Barry Jarrett from Riley's Coffee, at the SCAA Convention in Long Beach, CA, 1995.


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